The Woman’s Board

About the Woman’s Board

The Woman’s Board was formed in 1976 by an enterprising group of women to support the organization they considered vital to the unique quality of their community. Their children had spent Saturday afternoons playing ball in the gym of the Community House, watched movies in Matz Hall on Friday evenings and congregated during after-school hours at the bowling alley.

Over the years, the landscape of the Community House has changed, but the fundraising efforts of the Woman’s Board has always stayed constant. Today, the funds raised by the Woman’s Board go directly to support the operating budget of the Community House. These funds, along with generous and ongoing support from local businesses and residents, have helped to grow and sustain the Community House

Woman's Board members are a multi-generational group of women, working together to support and promote the Community House. We work in a team environment with many opportunities for individual contributions. In addition to planning fabulous fundraising events, members of the Woman’s Board also serve as ambassadors for the Community House.

Woman’s Board Events

The Antiques + Modernism Show
The Woman’s Board is known for the Antiques + Modernism Show (sometimes simply called A+M), a celebrated three-day event that premiered in 2010. The Antiques + Modernism Show features prestigious dealers from throughout the United States, representing the best of design and decor through the centuries. The event kicks off with an elegant preview party the night before the Show opens to the public. Visit the Antiques + Modernism Show website for details and ticket information.

The Home Tour
The Woman’s Board started their annual Home Tour in the spring of 2022 and is looking forward to continuing this new tradition of visiting exquisite North Shore homes for years to come! You'll see four inspiring, architecturally unique, and aesthetically beautiful residences in Winnetka (or one of our neighboring communities) on a self-guided tour, with the opportunity to meet the architect, designer, or builder behind the vision in each home. A delicious luncheon at the Community House rounds out the day! Visit the Home Tour website for details.

Meet Our Members

Tria Thomas, Co-President
Shayne Welch, Co-President

Cynthia Anglemyer
Jenny Beyrak
Dominique Birchmeier
Katie Boyd
Sheila Canmann
Amy Capocchi
Danielle Cashman
Julie Cassin
Carolyn Clark
Christina Cripe
Kristen Cross
Julia DeNapoli
Lizzie Donnelly
Kim Downey
Anya Dudek
Maria Faith
Jessica Fay
Katie Flanigan
Georgia Garvey
Allison Gary
Michele Giczewski
Dena Hanner
Kristen Hayes
Cricket King
Kathryn Kish
Kate Kligora
Kelly Laszlo
Meredith Lussen
Kristen Lutz
Dee Macey
Tara Maher
Kristin Mahr
Anne Malone
Julie McCauley
Colleen Miczek
Jessica Newell
Abby O’Brien
Patty O’Connell
Kate Osmond
Alyssa Quinn
Beth Quintana
Laura Roche
Lucy Sander
Christina Self
Laura Senner
Sarah Sims
Elizabeth Smartt
Julie Stracks
Amy Swartchild
Melanie Walsh
Stephanie Wheat
Lucie White
Patty Kelly (PK) Wilson
Stacey Wilson
Megan Winters
Catherine Wolf
Linnette Wolfberg
Amanda Zick
Jennifer Zandpour

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