Enhance your workout with constructive recovery

Workouts are more effective with constructive recovery! Discover more power in your workout by incorporating our two Recovery modalities into your fitness routine:

The HydroMassage Lounger is an innovative water massage lounger that supports post-workout recovery, increased circulation, and stress reduction.

The CryoLounge is an advanced recovery chair with complementary cold and heat zones to target sore muscles and minor aches and pains.

With the Recovery Enhancement (+$20/month with your Essential Membership), you can enjoy unlimited access (subject to availability) to both the HydroMassage Lounger and the CryoLounge during Fitness Center operating hours. 

Drop-in use of either lounger is also available for Fitness Center members or non-members at $20 per session.

Interested in more than one of our Enhancements? Don't forget you can receive ALL Enhancements (Recovery, Group Fitness, and Child Care) with the Elite Enhancement (+$50/month with your Essential Membership).