Group Exercise

social interaction keeps you motivated

make friends and exercise in our group x classes

Our group exercise program (GroupX) offers a wide variety of structured fitness classes for all ages and fitness levels. Our inspiring and energetic instructors will motivate you to reach your fitness goals!

$300/20 classes
Free to Plus Members

Don't make exercise a chore — spice it up! Group X fitness offers a variety of formats to keep you motivated and feeling healthy! Our wide variety of structured fitness activities is designed to help you meet your personal goals, while our instructors inspire and motivate you to change or continue healthy fitness-related behaviors.

Classes are open to members and non-members 14 years of age and older. Walk-ins are welcome.

class listings and descriptions

Cardio Kickboxing - A fun, high-energy workout focusing on a full range of motion and core strength by utilizing kickboxing techniques. 

Body Comp- A functional bodyweight class incorporating light weights and the use of classic exercises.

group X fees

Payment is made through punch cards. The fees are as follows:

$300/20 classes   
Free to Plus Members

Drop-In: $20

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