Specialty Fitness Programs

group training classes in the garden

Specialty Fitness Programs in the Garden

improve strength, balance, posture, and more

Community House offers a variety of exercise programs for seniors, new mothers, and others with special fitness needs. When you participate with others who are in the same situation, you are less self-conscious and therefore more motivated to continue your quest toward improved health. Enjoy the social aspect of these classes as you regain strength, stamina, and stability.


The Pilates Method is a classic method of physical and mental conditioning created over 80 years ago by legendary physical trainer Joseph Pilates. Through exercises that focus on the application of six principles: control, centering, concentration, precision, breath, and flow, we teach you about the mechanics of movement, allowing you to develop and maintain a healthy and graceful body.

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Peloton Experience Room

The Peloton Experience at the Community House Fitness Center is your very own private cycling studio. The Peloton offers the perfect blend of fitness and technology, allowing you to take live and on-demand studio cycling classes on your schedule.

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StretchXperience is a functional flexibility clinic located right here in the Community House Fitness Center. Our goal is to help you move better so you can improve your performance and feel great! Each 45-minute, whole-body stretch is tailored to your specific needs by our certified practitioners. Get started with us today so you can move better, feel better, and perform better.