Remote Learning Supervision

Looking for extra support for remote learning time?
The Community House can help!

Remote Learning Supervision at the Community House - REGISTER NOW

 All options are offered in 3-5 week sessions and are underway. Pro-rated registration is still available.

Hot Shots Sports now running Remote Learning Supervision at the Community House!

Hot Shots Sports is the industry leader in early childhood sports education, and excited to partner with Community House for Remote Learning Supervision. Our staff will provide a safe place for your child to complete their RLS and continue their academic development. Learning supervisors are available to make sure students get logged into their e-classes, are safely working on assignments, and there to answer basic schooling questions. Supervisors will always be available via email should parents be required to contact them during the day, or if there is information their teacher needs to pass along.

When kids are not actively doing schoolwork, Hot Shots Sports coaches organize sports activities and games for in-person Kinetic Wellness and sports classes. Activities are designed to improve motor skills, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition, and cardiovascular endurance. These activities are all designed to engage and entertain the students, regardless of skill level or prior sports experience. Our programs have been engineered to optimize socialization while ensuring safety protocols are met in alignment with all local and state health agencies.

With a dedicated site manager, support staff, and customer service center, we determined to provide families the highest quality experience. Routine site evaluations, quality management, and custom curriculum will ensure the Winnetka community receives the absolute best for their family and child. We are excited to continue helping the community manage these unusual times while ensuring children maintain a positive and productive social experience.

If you have questions about these programs or safety protocols at the Community House, please contact:

  • For Remote at the House and Sports & More - Jeff Wahl, 847.881.9305
  • For Dance, Music, and Theater! - Patti Ruiz, 847.881.9309