For Adults


Adventures for Lifelong Learners

Your Community House is not just for children. Are you looking for a creative outlet, a way to enrich your mind or just something to do while your child is in a class? We offer a range of programs for adults which include art classes, sports programs, and fitness and exercise classes geared toward adults. You’re never too old to learn something new, pursue a lifelong interest, or keep your body moving!

Dog Obedience

Big Sky Dog Training

These classes are designed to review commands and increase the difficulty of exercises (commands) by extending the time and distance for each command. At each lesson, you will be able to focus on your concerns, like housebreaking, chewing, and barking to name a few. This class will teach you how to effectively train your dog while getting your dog to merge into your schedule and lifestyle.


Creative Paws

Creative Paws teaches the basics of obedience including sit, down, stand, recall (coming when called), stay, and heel — everything your companion dog needs to know? Both verbal commands and hand signals will be used. Dogs of any age may take this class. Positive reinforcement techniques will be used, so please bring food rewards or a small toy with you to class. No retractable leashes are allowed.



Private Music Classes

Choose one instrument or many! Learn how to sing and/or play the piano, violin, drums, ukulele, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, and percussion, all in a fun and creative way! Our unique approach is structured entirely around the student’s needs. Regardless of age or skill level, we educate our students with a strong musical foundation, learning the theory as well as the fundamentals of music!

To Register for music lessons contact Dan Rosa directly at (310) 722-2112 or

Martial Arts


Karate will focus on alertness of mind, self-control and mental strategies to meet life challenges. This traditional karate program will emphasize the principles and applications of weaponless self-defense through the use of total body dynamics and mental discipline.


Adult Taekwondo

This program concentrates on Taekwondo techniques through the study of forms, stances, and the skills of punching, kicking, and blocking.