planned giving

We cannot do it without you

Since its founding in 1911, the Community House has looked to individual donors for support. Today, the Community House remains one of the few privately-funded community houses in the United States. We don’t receive any tax dollars.

Our House hosts over 250,000 visitors annually. This is a place for all to come together to learn, grow, and connect, and your support will ensure that our House thrives for future generations too. 

You can play an important role in our future 

Your planned gift to the Community House in Winnetka safeguards the future of this special gathering place for future generations. With potential financial advantages to your estate, such a gift reflects your dedication to the Community House, while avoiding possible tax liabilities for your family and other beneficiaries. Donations from your estate to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, are fully exempt from Federal Estate taxes. 

How to give

The Community House currently accepts three types of planned gifts: charitable bequests; IRA or Pension Plan Beneficiary Gifts.

Please note that this information is designed to provide general guidelines about planned giving to Community House, including some of the potential financial benefits. It is not intended to provide specific advice about the legal or tax implications of charitable giving. Please be sure to contact your financial or estate advisor for further information and advice to determine which planned gift is the best fit for you.  

Charitable Bequests

A bequest is a gift made through your will or living trust. There are several types of bequests you can designate to ensure that your gift will be made in a way that honors your legacy: you can stipulate a gift of a specific dollar amount, or property such as stock, to be donated to the Community House; or you can select a percentage of the value of your estate to be given. Your intent to make such a bequest can be made clear in your will or living trust using simple yet explicit language, upon consultation with your attorney. 

IRA or 401K Planned Gift

Consider naming as a beneficiary of your IRA or pension plan.  Retirement plans may be subject to estate taxes after death and income tax as the funds are received by a beneficiary, diminishing the ultimate value of the account. But by naming the Community House, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, as a beneficiary, both of these taxes can be avoided, allowing you to leave your family other assets that incur less tax liability.

For more information about planned giving contact our Director of Advancement, Cam Johnson at 847-881-9362.