The Junior Board

The Junior Board of Community House in Winnetka is a group of dedicated high school sophomores, juniors and seniors from within the boundaries of the New Trier Township. Acting as an extension of the Community House Woman’s Board, the Junior Board helps with the planning and executing of annual fundraising events in support of the Community House by providing the youthful perspective of high school students. The Junior Board was founded  in 2018 as the Community House expanded its programs with the intent of re-engaging teens as part of a greater effort to bring the whole community together. Our primary focus is to raise funds for the Community House by running our own events, in addition to volunteering at events of the Woman’s Board.

Meet Our Members

Douglas Anglemyer
Maggie Anglemyer
Tucker Anglemyer
Aditya Banerje
Katie Braham
Colin Bruso
Anna Capocchi
Noah Capocchi
Cameron Claybrook
Elizabeth Connolly
Aidan Corboy
Chris Cortopassi
Evelyn Cox
William Cripe
JP Devron
Mary Erhardt
Elena Faith
Emily Fogt
Margaret Fitzgerald
Nicholas Furton
Charlie Gardella
Tommy Gardella
Leo Gerstman
Ben Glick
Harrison Hahner
Luke Hales
Danielle Isasi
Sam Leibov
Michael Lutz
Amalie Macey
Sally Mallin
Anna Kate McDowell
John McGurk
Colin Meyer
Michael Moran
Chase Mulvaney
Connor Mulvaney
Sarah Popoff
Alastair Rajpal
Piper Ross
Neil Sanderson
Sofia Schoenwetter
Ruthie Schweidel
Teddy Schweidel
Tucker Sichol
Annabel Sturgis
Ian Thomas
Declan Thornton
Asher Waimon
Alex Wendt
Will Welch
Kate Wiley
Amber Wolfberg
Chase Wolfberg
Chris Xu
Jake Zenkewicz

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