early childhood

for the youngest among us

exploring, learning, and having fun

The Community House offers early childhood development programs perfect for preschoolers that start young children on a path to lifelong learning and participation. We provide a fun, engaging way to learn as we introduce youngsters to classes and physical activities. It’s never too early to learn, play with peers, develop teamwork skills, or simply get our bodies moving in time to the music!

Everybody Move Inc.

Everybody Move, Inc. offers a playful, enriching time with you and your child to sing and dance. Caregivers and Grandparents are most welcome too. Featured in the class are guitar, scarves, balls, hoops, puppets, stories, drums, rhythm instruments, and more. The beginning of the class provides free play and gathering time to allow for socialization and interaction. The structured part of the class explores gross motor, fine motor, language development, and musical listening skills. This class is the perfect balance between child-centered instruction and support imaginative play.

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Tiny Bits 

Mom & Tots come play at our house and meet new friends. Join in free play, circle time, art, songs, and simple child-centered projects. There will be interaction with other children and time for lots of individual attention, encouraging children to develop such social skills as sharing, caring and cooperation

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Little Bits

Little Bits is a class designed for ages 2-3 to have fun and make new friends while engaging in art, music, free play, storytime, and end class with a snack. Each week will be centered around a new theme.

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ABC'S & 123'S

Each class is centered on a different number and letter which are reinforced through various puppets, songs, games, and stories

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ABc's & 123's


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